Ghost Recon Future Soldier GunSmith mode Q&A

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What is it?

In GunSmith, you can customize each gun in the game down to its inner parts. GunSmith is exclusive to Ghost Recon Future Soldier. That ultimate customization tool is enhanced for gamers through the magic of Kinect.

How many different guns can you have in GunSmith?

You can create over 20 million entirely unique guns. We have 52 guns in GunSmith with over 49 possible attachments & modifications! For instance the ACR itself has over 1M unique variants.

Where did the inspiration for this mode come from?

When working with our spec ops consultants, we realized that customization really sets the spec ops apart from the rest of the army : they can use any gun they like, they always customize it to their specific uses… and they even have specific engineers developing for them parts that don’t exist.

On top of that, we have a lot of gun enthusiasts in the team, and crafting your own gun down to the details is just an incredible experience in itself. We actually happen to have a team member who is a certified armorer on several brands of assaults rifles, and who assisted in the design of the inner parts customization.

Will there be mini-games available in GunSmith?

You will be able to score points and compare with your friends. We’ll see from player’s reaction during E3 and beta what they expect from this too.

Which game modes are the GunSmith guns usable in?

All! Single player, up to 4 players Cooperative Campaign and multiplayer.

How is it different from the other customization tools in other shooters?

We really wanted to create the deepest customization experience as we know actual spec-ops do on the field today – and upgrade their weapon down to their inner parts. With that, you actually have over 20 million different, unique guns in there !

We’re also very proud of having developed the very first Kinect enabled customization in the industry. On top of gestures, voice commands make it even more of a magical experience : a gun modification tool reacting to your voice, and instantly changing your weapon from CQB to long-range focus.

How do you get new weapon parts ? Do you unlock customization parts in GunSmith based on experience or progression?

You will unlock slots and attachments by spending points earned through character progression. We’ll unveil more details on multiplayer & campaign progression in the coming months.

Can I launch GunSmith when I’m playing a level?

No, for the very same reason that you would never customize your gun during a firefight. That’s the reason why we added a firing range in GunSmith, to allow players testing their gun configuration directly And here again, Kinect allows you to do it with your own hands.

Can you transition seamlessly between customization and firing range?

Yes, it is immediate ! Unlike car games in which you have to take out the car for a lengthy ride after customization… or other shooter games in which it takes a full level to realize that your scope or under-barrel attachment perform poorly with weapons and precision, you should know instantly if your modification makes sense and helps. This is what GunSmith is all about.

Will Gunsmith still work without Kinect?

Yes, basic controller functionality with allow use of the tool. However, the full experience with Kinect’s voice and motion control is something we believe gamers will find quicker, more effective, and more fun - as you saw in the demo.

How does this Kinect mode work? Did you develop specific technology to make this work with Kinect? What kind of development challenges did you encounter when creating this?

GunSmith was one of our primary focus in building the game experience and Kinect spontaneously came thereafter. We realized that designing the interface specifically for Kinect (rather than adapting a pad interface) is the best way to have a user friendly interface based on skeleton tracking and voice. One killer feature for us was that we really wanted a close/open hand command for the firing range. We got tremendous support from Microsoft in developing this.

How many languages are supported by voice command?

In its current form Gunsmith works in English. By the time the game ships, we hope to support French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese (and any regional accents of said languages).

Will KinectGunSmithwork when I’m seated?

We are still working on creating the best experience for the gamer and will have more details on this later.

Can you play the game like in the firing range mode?

No, as a shooter is not only based on shooting, but also on movement and cover (especially Ghost Recon Future Soldier). A firing range works very well for GunSmith as you limit movement towards a front target- and you can therefore focus on your precision. Take it like this : GunSmith is the firing range, Ghost Recon Future Soldier is the field action.

What are the other GunSmith commands outside those shown in the E3 briefing?

We’ll unveil more commands and features for GunSmith in the coming months.

Do you plan on having GunSmith on other gesture-based platforms?

GunSmith Kinect has been designed with the Kinect specificities in mind. Of course, depending on their actual technical ability to do it, basic features of GunSmith as a customization tool will be available regardless of the platform the game is played on.

Thank you and a lot more will come on GunSmith shortly !

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