Optical Camo in teaser video

By Kimi

There have been quite a few discussions about the optical camo feature at the end of our announcement video, so we thought we’d take a moment to talk about it. Despite popular belief, we didn’t design this after a certain bespectacled wand-wielding boy’s accoutrement. ;) We are, and remain, loyal to the Ghost Recon brand value of authenticity. In general Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is based on the very real Future Soldier Initiative 2030, which is a U.S. Army R&D program run by the US Army Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center. Optical camo, like other technologies in Future Solider, is a near-future reality, and this is why we chose to include it in GRFS. For more information on the real-life Future Soldier initiative, check out their website.

We plan to discuss our references and inspirations in the coming months, so that you can see that we’ve done our homework in order to bring you a plausible future war scenario. In terms of optical camo, there are actually numerous research and military programs on it. But if you’re curious now, go ahead and google “optical camouflage” to see it in action for yourself. In the meantime, keep the discussion going; we’re happy to jump in!

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